Reading my fortune

Today I was siting in A&W in Pantip Plaza in the heart Bangkok city. I was busy trying out my new bluetooth keyboard which I had just bought. I saw two men walk in and sit  parallel to me. One of them with a turban introduced himself as guru in palmistry and he remarked that I was a very lucky person. He asked whether I like my fortune read which made me uneasy. I started packing my keyboard and when he realize I was getting ready to go, he made his offer again. This time he told me that he will tell me all the sins I have done. I told him that I was not interested and quickly walked out.

Why am I writing about this incident? I don’t believe in fortune telling for this simple reason. If someone can read other people’s fortune than they will be so well off and would be busy self-actualizing with their future knowledge. If someone needs to read the fortune of others for a price than their own fortune is that of an average person which is basically survival.

Why should I need to listen to another person who is trying to survive by bullshitting about my future. And I know what my sins are and I don’t need some else to tell me. Even in the twenty-first century superstition rules over facts and logic so much that we still have these conmen and women who want to prey over those who fearful. 


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