Savoring Our Moments in Life

Time of existence

I was born on 5th March 1957. According to the age calculator, I am today: 58 years 5 months 5 days; or 701 months 5 days; or 3048 weeks 6 days; or 21,342 days; or 512,208 hours; or 30,732,480 minutes; or 1,843,948,800 seconds. Wow! Even if I take the number of days I have lived, its 21,342 days. Now out of these numbers of days, what are the “moments,” that I can consciously say, “I savored it.”


One of my favorite foods is nasi kandar that originates from Penang which is the Northern part of Malaysia. What makes nasi kandar so addictive is its taste and smell of the various mixtures of curries and spices that is left lingering in my senses long after the meal. I can only describe the experience as like having an eating orgasm. That is what I mean by “savoring.” It becomes memorable and any recall of it seems like a repeat of the orgasmic moments. Now, do we savor our moments in our lives like how I savor my nasi kandar?

Moments in lives

Moments can be anything. It can be a thought, an action, an event or an experience. We consider some moments as mundane while others as significant. Some moments are conscious to us and we experience them deliberately. Others are unconscious and but are still carried out automatically by us as habits.  Some moments are shared and common to all of us. Others are unique to certain individuals. But we all have moments in lives in one form or another.

Savorable moments are unique and spontaneous

We cannot force any moments in our lives to be savorable as they are spontaneous. Taking the example of my nasi kandar, I do not get the “wow” feelings every time I eat the nasi kandar even if it is from the same stall. When I get the “wow” feelings, it is usually unique and spontaneous. That explains why, many a time, I walk out of a shop disappointed and unsatisfied.

Thus, it is silly to throw an expensive party for a love one and expect a grateful “wow” from them. It could be a beautiful event but whether they savored it is something uniquely spontaneous. You cannot demand for a “wow.” If they did, they will know it as you will too.

Savorable moments need not necessarily be events. It could be just a glance from a stranger. It could be the sun’s ray shining through the leaf of a tree. It could be the laughter from a child. It could be a single word from the lyrics of a song. It normally is unexpected, spontaneous and unique. Though we cannot force it but we can consciously look forward to it.

Appreciating the moments in our lives

When we consciously learn to be appreciative, no matter how insignificant something maybe, we will be giving an opportunity for that something to become a memorable moment in our lives. In other words, we should live open-minded lives to prevent our prejudicial filters from filtering out any moments that could be memorable gems.  Appreciation of everything in / around our lives is appreciating the moments in our lives, whether it be a second, minute, day, week, month or year. Time ceases to be just time, as through appreciation, they become savorable moments.


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