Siem Reap, Cambodia

You have a beautiful travel site, I am especially impressed by you photos, they are beautiful. I just send your article on Cambodia Angkor Wat to my daughter with her family who is there at this moment.

by kadu


“Siem Reap like a diamond,
like a diamond in the sky”

That’s a knock-knock joke by the way. Haha

I start this entry with a corny joke and a laugh because Siem Reap was a memorable non-stop laugh trip all day all night with a crazy Japanese traveler Takuma, “Takuma! Takuma! Takuma!”

We encountered annoying situations only in Tonle Sap Lake by some people who tried to ask more monies and even tricked us to go extra tour called a mangrove tour. There was nothing to see except mangroves, thrashes, mosquitoes and probably anacondas and crocs. At the end of the 15 minutes or less tour, they asked us to give 30USD each for the kids at school. Our eyes rolled and we wanted to jump off and swim back to our tuktuk (pedicab). We declined and decided to buy notebooks and personally did the distribution to the kids nearby…

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